Course Descriptions

KSI's Mobile Application Development Program has three parts.  Each part can be taken separately as a shorter course.  The program is divided into:

  • Java Programming Language (Can be taken full or part-time)
  • Android Studio IDE (Can be taken full or part-time)
  • Full Mobile Application Development Program (Can be taken full or part-time)

Below are the descriptions of each program.  Also, see the Schedule Page for detailed schedules for the Fall for each course and the full program.

The Mobile Application Development Program is designed to help students acquire the skill set to work as a mobile app developer, focuses on three languages: Java, Android, and Objective C, and three Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Android Studio, MS Visual Studio, and XCode.

KSI offers very flexible schedule considering working individuals and students schedule. The nine-week(full-time) schedule is weekdays only and is convenient for non-working individuals and the fourteen weeks(Part-time) schedule is evenings and Saturdays so, it is convenient for working individuals or students.

Java Programming Language is a part of Mobile Application Development Program and KSI provides separate Java classes to those who are interested in learning Java only. The objective of this program is to teach students to learn coding, with or without software background.

KSI offers 2 weeks and/or 3 weeks intensive program for Java and the classes are available for weekdays and weekends so it is perfect for students or someone who are from software background looking to practice Java, or for beginners who are trying to work in software industry. If a student is planning to learn Java only then they only pay only $1200 for 2 weeks, weekday session or 3 weeks evening and weekend session.

Android Studio IDE and Programming Language is also a part of the Mobile Application Development Program in which students learn how to develop apps for mobile. Since Java is the official language of Android, only those students who has software background, and/or have knowledge about Java program, may take Android classes. This program is for students who wants to learn how to create and develop mobile apps.

Android classes run for 2 weeks if taking weekday classes or 3 weeks if taking evenings and weekends classes. If a student is planning to learn Android only then they pay only $1000 and they must pass KSI’s Java waiver exam with a score of 80% or more.

Java and Android This is a Java and Android combined class specially for KSI students. KSI offers this special class for students who wants to learn Java and Android only. Students learn coding from Java and developing mobile apps from Android. 

Students can enroll for either 4 weeks class (2 weeks Java and 2 weeks Android), 6 weeks class (3 weeks Java and 3 weeks Android) or can choose the combination of 2 weeks and 3 weeks session to create a 5 weeks class.  The fee for this special Java and Android classes is only $2000.

New classes for Java and Android starts every month so it is very convenient for people trying to take both Java and Android but need a break in between. We have created schedule by keeping in mind about the people from different working background and their requirements. Please check our “Schedule” section for beginning and ending dates of each session for all the program.

Please feel free to visit and take a tour of our facility and discuss about the fees and programs.