IT Help Desk Training Program: TIER 1

  • Do you want to get Job-ready as one of the industry’s most demanding IT professionals as an IT professionals in 8 weeks?

  • Do you want to start building your IT career path from a solid foundation?

  • Do you want to learn exactly the skills employers want to see on your resume?

  • Do you want to get fully prepared for industry’s most demanding A+ certification?

  • Do you have minimum high school diploma/GED? No prior computer experience is necessary.



The IT Help Desk training program is just for you! At KSI our team of educators and professionals will prepare you from basics to professional level on-demand IT help desk skills for access to your new career with ease and full confidence!

Core course curriculum:

  • IT Support: Fundamentals

  • Customer Service Principles and effective communication.

  • Issue handling over phone / remote accessing and scenario analysis

  • Common Support Problems, categories of common end-user computer problems. And problem-solving processes of typical support problems.

  • An overview of remote accessing tools and applications.

  • Incident management process and understanding of issue prioritization techniques and best practices of help desk operation.

  • Windows installation with detail configuration of systems and security settings.

  • Data storage devices and backup media and backup and restore an organization's data files and systems.

  • Understanding of operating systems and computer hardware component and devices.

  • Understanding Computer Network and web applications.

  • Supporting and Troubleshooting Laptops and managing common issues.

  • Supporting and Troubleshooting Mobile devices and managing common issues.

  • Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Print and display Devices

  • Communication skill for technical professionals

  • Personal Computer Components

  • Operating System installation and configuration

  • PC/Laptop troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Installing PC components

  • Networking

  • IT Help Desk best practices

Additional Support:

  • Professional Resume Preparation

  • Interview Preparation

  • A+ Certification exam preparation

  • Job search and marketing

  • Professional recommendations to prospective employers

  • Continuous support until successful job placement

IT Help Desk Training Program: TIER 2

  • Enterprise System architecture and Servers

  • Understanding of computer hardware component and devices

  • Implementing IT security in different levels of Systems in organization

  • Windows Operating System

    • Installation and configuration with all advanced level settings and impact analysis.

  • Software troubleshooting

    • PC/Laptop trouble shooting

    • Mobile devices, issues and trouble shooting

    • Security issues, implementations and settings

  • Networking

    • Understanding of networking and setting connectivity

    • TCP/IP, Wifi, SOHO

    • Network issues and Trouble shooting

    • Network devices and issues

  • Software remote installation, packing and patching techniques (e.g. using SCCM)

  • Network Security and Mobile devices

  • Web application and common front-end & back-end issues and trouble shooting

  • Operational Procedure

  • Customer Service Principles, effective communications