KSI's unique immersive Mobile Applications Development Program consists of nine weeks of 225 hours of practical hands on project-based training.  Visit the schedule page for the dates of upcoming sessions and the get info page to for any additional information.  The following topics are covered by the program, scroll down for more details regarding the skills and tool covered in each immersive training block.

  • Java

  • Android

  • Objective C

  • Agile Development Concepts

  • Integrated Development Environments

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Xcode for Apple iOS

  • Android Studio

  • Visual Studio

  • VMware

  • Mac OS X



Block I. Basic Programming Skills (75 hours | 25 hours x 3 weeks)

Block I consist of programming knowledge and skill building namely in the following three languages: Java, Android and Objective C. The first language, Java, is foundational and is the bulk of this block, all other languages (Android and Objective C) will be easier to grasp after understanding, Java. This block consists of programming knowledge and programming exercises starting from the very basic and gradually moving on to sophisticated applications including basic concepts of Agile Development.

I.1. Introduction to mobile software development (2 hours)
I.2. Java programming language (50 hours)
I.3. Android programming language (20 hours)
I.4. Agile Development (3 hours)


Block II. Integrated Development Environments (75 hours | 25 hours x 3 weeks)

After having learned the basic programming languages, Block II focuses on Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs. Since there are three mobile app markets: Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones, there are also three IDEs. This Block teaches all three of them. Emphasis will be placed on Android phones, since this is one of the fastest growing markets. Applications like Android Studio will be used to master the skills of using IDE for cross platform development. Integrated into the training program will be a class project on mobile app development with concrete milestones. Instructors will work closely to teach the fundamental do's and don’ts’s in software development and professional training to prepare for the job market.

II.1. Android Studio IDE (20 hours)

II.2. First Project Milestone (5 hours)

II.3. Components Based Software Engineering CBSE (5 hours)

II.4. Objective C (20 hours)

II.5. Microsoft Visual Studio IDE (20 hours)

II.6. Second Project Milestone (5 hours)


Block III. Cross Platform Mobile Application Development (75 hours | 25 hours x 3 weeks)

The mobile application market has split among several mobile platforms with the majority shares among Android, iOS and Windows Phone. To be a viable resource in the mobile application development sector, students must be able to develop in all three markets: Google Play Store (Android Market), Apple App Store (iOS), and Windows Phone Store; leading to cross-platform mobile application development.

In Block III of the training program students will learn the versatile tool Xcode for Apple app development then develop a realistic mobile app, implement, and test it in different smartphone platforms. This cross-platform development experience will enable students to deal with diverse mobile app development requirements, their attributes, and learn what application designs are marketable, user-friendly, and how to provide the marketer with the desired consumer response.

III.1. Xcode iOS IDE (40 hours)

III.2. Cross Platform Mobile Application Development (15 hours)

III.3. Cross Platform Model-based Testing (15 hours)

III.4. Third and Final Project Milestone (5 hours)



Tuition is due in full on the first day of each session. Below is a chart reflecting the tuition and fees of KSI.

Tuition:  9-week intensive program -  $6,000 or call us to know about our recent promotions.

For a complete version of the enrollment agreement, including cancellation and refund policies and financial aid please see the following linked PDF file